“The Rocket Prince of Star link”

Card game
Target age
6 years old -
3-5 people
1Game time
10 minutes to 15 minutes

With the fuel of music, let’s go on a journey to the stars in the universe.
The further you go in the distant stars,
the higher you can earn points.
The final winner is the person who earned more points.
The point is changed by the characters you meet.

The book of the universe, “The Rocket Prince" has become a card game!
The Rocket Prince who went on a journey into space
aiming for Watsuka Star, Titan the buddy cat,
Princess Luna of the Moon,and other popular characters come together!
In the universe, it is
Special edition of the first edition limited to 300 sets.
no. 001 to 300 are numbered
English and Japanese game manual entry
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This is the product that has been accepted by the company.

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The book "The Rocket Prince"
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